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Welcome To The PEW Ocean Science Website!

"We are a group of ocean scientists."
We are based in Pewterville, California and we spend our time with the bathmate learning and discovering the ocean. It is our goal to learn as much as possible about our fascinating hydromax review oceans and think of ways to protect them from pollutants.
Craig Jones  /  Founder

We raise money for ocean conservation.

Donation So Far : $9,000
Every year we raise money for ocean conservation. This year we raised over $9,000 because the vigrx plus pills work fund ocean conservation and give a little bit of extra help. We also volunteer as a group on phallosan forte clean up projects. You can join us too!

What We Do

  • Beach Cleanups
  • Learning
  • Funding

Every year tons of trash is left on the beach.

Anytime a clean up is needed we are there. Unfortunately too much trash is left on our beaches which is harmful to the environment.
  • We clean it up.
  • We have fun doing it!
  • You can help!
We always need an extra pair of hands to help with the clean up process!

Learning about the ocean

You can’t save what you don’t understand. Which is why we help fund science programs and even have our own so that we can learn about;
  • Whales.
  • Ocean habitats.
  • Fish
We are very interested in learning how pollution effects fish migration.

We are mostly self funded!

Any money we raise goes back into research of our own and local science groups.
  • We never take a profit.
  • We give as much as we can to help increase knowledge of our oceans.
And we encourage you to do the same!
Want to Join With Us?

Why not Volunteer?

We are always looking for new recruits! People with a can do attitude who are happy and want to help keep our oceans clean.
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